JANUARY 21st & 22nd, 2017

Two day Workshop at NUMA, Above Church Street Social, Bangalore - 560 001

18 hours. 9 AM - 6 PM each day

INR 11,999 (plus tax) per participant

All seats full. Thank You for an overwhelming response!


JavaScript is the programming language of the web.

  • The Rise & Rise of JavaScript

    Popularity of JavaScript has been on the rise since it’s inception for many reasons. JavaScript is what makes the web tick. It’s the only language available in every browser on the planet. It’s the easiest language to start learning with since there’s nothing to install or complex runtime environments to configure. JavaScript occupies the numero uno spot in terms of popularity on GitHub. Realise your escape velocity with JavaScript!

  • Full Stack Development

    Developers are calling it quits on Polyglot Programming - the current practice of combining multiple programming languages and multiple modularity paradigms in to a single application development effort. Programmers, instead are asking for consolidation. With JavaScript, it’s finally possible. JavaScript is ideal for front-end engineering, and with Node.js it’s a perfect candidate for programming the server-side.

  • JavaScript Everywhere

    JavaScript is the primary scripting language for all web browsers. It is also used to power mobile applications and gaming consoles. JavaScript is extensively used to make Desktop applications. Node.js - a JavaScript runtime has made huge inroads into server side development and enterprise. In the IoT space, JavaScript enables you to develop apps on any board, manage sensors, or write on-chip programs for embedded systems.


JANUARY 21st & 22nd, 2017


All seats full. Thank You for an overwhelming response!


  • What is JavaScript

    Learn about the origins of JavaScript, where it came from, how it evolved, and what it is today. Understand the relationship between JavaScript, the DOM, and the BOM.

  • JavaScript in HTML

    Examine how JavaScript is used in conjunction with HTML to create dynamic web pages. Evaluate the various ways of embedding JavaScript into a web page.

  • Language Basics

    Basic language concepts including syntax, data-types, and flow control statements. Type coercion is introduced here as it relates to built-in operations.

  • Variables, Scope, and Memory

    Learn how to handle variables in JavaScript given their loosely typed nature. We will also discuss the differences between primitive and reference values.

  • Reference Types

    Covers all the details in theory and in relation to browser implementation regarding JavaScript’s built-in reference types such as Object and Array.

  • Object Oriented Programming

    We’ll discuss how to use OOP in JavaScript. Since JavaScript has no concept of classes, several popular techniques are explored for object creation and inheritance.

  • Function Expressions

    Explores one of the most powerful aspects of JavaScript. We’ll discuss closures, this object, the module pattern, creating private object members.

  • Browser Object Model

    We discuss in depth the Browser Object Model (BOM), which is responsible for objects allowing interaction with the browser itself. We will evaluate each BOM object in detail.

  • Client Detection

    Evaluate various approaches to detect client machine and it’s capabilities. Each approach is discussed for pros and cons, as well as situational appropriateness.

  • Document Object Model

    Explore DOM objects as defined in DOM Level 1, 2, and 3, and how it allows developers to manipulate a page. A brief introduction to XML and it’s relationship to DOM is also covered.

  • Events

    Dive into the nature of JavaScript events, and how the DOM redifined how events should work. A variety of devices are covered - including gaming consoles and mobile phones.

  • Scripting Forms

    Enhance form interactions using JavaScript. Work around browser limitations. Discussion focuses on individual form elements, data validation, and manipulation.

  • HTML5 Scripting

    Discussion on JavaScript API changes as defined in HTML5. Topics include cross-document messaging, Drag-and-Drop API scripting, history state management, <audio> & <video> elements, and more.

  • Error Handling & Debugging

    In-depth discussion on how browsers handle errors in JavaScript code and presents several ways to handle errors. Debugging tools & techniques are discussed. Learn how to simplify the debugging process.

  • JSON, Ajax, Comet

    Introduction to JSON data format as an alternative to XML, and browser-native JSON parsing & serialization. Common Ajax techniques including XMLHttpRequest object and Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS).

  • Advanced Techniques

    Dive into complex JavaScript patterns, function currying, partial function application, dynamic functions. Create tamper-proof objects & custom event framework to enable simple event support for custom objects.

  • Offline Applications

    Detect when an application is offline and learn various techniques for storing data on the client machine. From common features to newer functionalies, evaluate how to program cookies, Web Storage, and IndexedDB.

  • Best Practices

    Explore techniques for better maintainability, coding techniques, formatting, general programming practices, execution performance, speed optimization, deployment issues, and learn how to create a build process.




46/1, Cobalt Building, Church Street, Bengaluru - 560 001, Karnataka

All seats full! Thank You for an overwhelming response!


  • Certificate

    Bragging Rights

    You will earn a Certificate on course completion. Your enhanced and acquired JavaScript application will back your brag too.

  • Vivek Shangari

    The Hacker’s Touch

    This JavaScript workshop comes straight from the heart of hardcore Hacker Vivek Shangari, who breaths, eats, sleeps code and then programs a little more for a living.

  • Geeks

    Utimate Geek Glory

    Heighten your code-ly senses with thought provoking puzzles, debates and trivia. These sessions will have you thinking and taking home more than your lessons of JavaScript.

  • Network

    The Looney Circle

    Meet and interact with a loony bunch of soul-searching geeks like yourself. Rocking on the same boat on such a vast subject will be one hell of a ride.




All seats full! Thank You for an overwhelming response!


VIVEK SHANGARI is a hacker, storyteller, and a tool-maker who always thinks programs, and carries a piece of code in his head all the time. He plays with a few programming languages, but his forte is web technologies (HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Node.js) and languages that endorse functional programming paradigm; languages such as ANSI Common Lisp, and it’s dialects like Scheme, and Haskell. He also tinkers with Python.

He has a keen interest in algorithm development & algorithm analysis.


Are there any prerequisites for the workshop?

Basic knowledge of HTML may help you grasp the topic better, however, JavaScript makes for an ideal first language. Don’t sweat if you do not know HTML or CSS. JavaScript is a fabulous learning ground to start afresh without a programming background. However, to successfully complete this workshop, you should be able to communicate fluently and professionally in written and spoken English.

What should I bring to the workshop?

You are required to bring your own laptop and a big toothy smile on your face. Don’t forget the charger. Although we will provide internet at the venue, get a dongle if you have one or tether via your mobile phones, just in case.

Will Internet be provided at the venue?

Yes, Internet for the workshop will be provided at the venue.

Will food be provided at the venue?

Absolutely. Breakfast, Lunch, Snacks, Tea/Coffee, the works - will be on the house.

Would you provide accommodation for these two days?

Sorry, we won’t be providing accommodation facility for this workshop. If you are coming from outside of Bangalore, we suggest you look for places near M.G. Road to avoid traffic woes.

Will I get a refund if I change my mind?

The fees is non-refundable. So, think before you leap. You must not trade a JavaScript lesson for anything in the world.


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